Re: How to upgrade a chart if release name is defied as `${chart_name}-${chart_version}`

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If I’m reading that section of the documentation correctly, that’s only concerning the output of `helm package`, not the name of the objects as part of that chart which is installed by Helm.


In other words, you would still use `helm upgrade ${release_name} ${chart_name}` when upgrading, where `${chart_name}` is the path to the packaged chart (or a reference in a chart repository, such as stable/wordpress). In other words, if we assume `foo` was the name of your chart:


$ helm install foo-1.0.0.tgz –name foo

$ helm upgrade foo foo-1.1.0.tgz


Does that make sense?




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Subject: [cncf-helm] How to upgrade a chart if release name is defied as `${chart_name}-${chart_version}`


In the part Charts and Versioning of Helm documentation, the release name of a chart is recommend to defied as `${chart_name}-${chart_version}`, then we use `helm install --name ${release_name}` to install the chart. When the code base of chart version is changed to ${chart_version_2}, we need to upgrade the chart with helm CLI `helm upgrade [RELEASE]`. In order to upgrade the chart, we need to use release name `${chart_name}-${chart_version}`, but it changes to the new release name `${chart_name}-${chart_version_2}`, which will result in another release installation. 

Then how to upgrade a chart if release name is defied as `${chart_name}-${chart_version}`? 






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