helm v2.9.0-rc4 has been released!

Matt Fisher

Hi everyone. Helm v2.9.0-rc4. If anyone's interested in testing before we cut the final release, please let us know. Feedback prior to releasing a stable release would be useful. The release is already available for download at:

linux/amd64, using /bin/bash:

darwin/amd64, using Terminal.app:

windows/amd64, using PowerShell:

    PS C:\> Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "https://storage.googleapis.com/kubernetes-helm/helm-v2.9.0-rc4-windows-amd64.zip" -OutFile "helm-v2.9.0-rc4-windows-amd64.zip"


Matthew Fisher, Caffeinated Software Engineer

Microsoft Azure Platform

Nanoose Bay, BC Canada


Phone: 1(250)937-1478

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