request for panel at CNCF Slovakian Meetup

Pohronsky Filip <Pohronsky@...>

Dear Falco project representatives,
I would like to invite you to our regular CNCF meetup for a group of DevOps and enthusiasts in our little country Slovakia in Europe.
In the numbers this is 21-st meetup and is devoted to Security & Compliance.
I’m kindly asking you to present your open-source project Falco.
What you try to solve with your project, what you already achieved and how to use your project.
We are a team of around +250 members, have around +60 members per our online event and other ones look on offline Facebook video recordings.
Example of our presentation about CNCF Slovakia is here:
We have a slack channel and FB fan page:
The 21-st meetup of our community is on June, 16-th 2021 starting at 18:00 CET.
Did my offer interested you?
Will you join us and share your 30 – 40 minutes of the presentation time on our 21-th CNCF Kubernetes on-line meetup in Slovakia, Europe?
Best Regards,
CNCF Slovakia Community Coordinator