Announcement: Falco 0.28.0 is out!

Leonardo Di Donato

Hello everyone! 

Today we announce the release of Falco 0.28.0.

It's a substantial release we all were waiting for.

It contains some breaking changes you should be aware of:

- the Falco packages (both stable ones and the ones from master) will be - from now on - published to (where we moved also the previous Falco versions)
- support for the `SKIP_MODULE_LOAD` environment variable (when using the Falco container images) has been definitely removed, use `SKIP_DRIVER_LOADER` introduced in Falco 0.24.0 to obtain the same result
- DEB and RPM Falco packages finally come with a systemd service file

Anyway, there's a lot more!

Please read the release blog post and the changelog. 🖇️


Leo on behalf of the Falco maintainers and the Falco community. 👋