Falco Website Working Group

Lorenzo Fontana

Hi everyone!
In the community call, today November 25th, we
agreed that we want to discuss and implement some
improvements to our documentation, blog and website at

In particular, we want to define a better strategy to organize
our content and give the website a better look and feel.

If you are interested in working with us, you have a chance to vote into
this doodle[0] and pick a time that is best for you.

I'll look at votes on December 4th to send out a meeting to the option
that is better for everyone.

The initial goal of the first meeting of the group would be to define
what are the steps to take and give everyone a chance to contribute. We
will decide there if we want to have a recurring meeting or another

Hope to see you there!



Leonardo Di Donato

Hello everyone 👋 

Some notes about the first Falco Website/Docs WG.

- me
- Lorenzo
- Grasso
- Rajie
- Chris Kranz

So, pull request 324 is in real good shape 🤩 , although it's not ready yet. 

What we'd like to have to merge the PR in:

1. The homepage needs more work
2. Documentation versioning is the TOP feature we still don't have
    - We'd like to publish a website version on Netlify but also on S3
    - On Netlify (to which points) there will be only the latest version of docs
3. It's still not clear whether we want "end users" and "vendors" logos to be on the homepage or in another sub-page.
    - CNCF guidelines recommend having those 2 sections on the homepage
    - Ideally, we'd like to automate them using the ADOPTERS file in the Falco repository
4. Videos section is missing
    - A proposal was to create a YouTube playlist and embed it
5. Section containing the contributing guidelines generated from the falcosecurity/.github documents
    - The CONTRIBUTING file could be improved
6. Some links that bring people directly to GitHub issues from the Falco website needs to be fixed

Other topics that are future steps (after this PR gets merged in):

- Create a private slack channel containing the participants of the WG
- The GOVERNANCE file needs to be improved
- Development documentation
    - Sadly, the "" domain is taken
    - I'm working on the tooling necessary (CMake, Doxygen, CI, etc.) to generate docs from C++ code
    - We'd need the same process for other repositories - e.g., libraries made in Golang


Me, Lorenzo, Leo Grasso, and Rajie have scheduled cycles to work on some of these points.

However, we'd love other people helping us. The next call is on Friday... Hope to see you there, join us to help and know more! 😊