[NEWS] cncf.ci v2.4.0 released w/ Arm support for 3 Graduated projects

Lucina Stricko

Good day, all! 

The CNCF CI team has released v2.4.0 of the CNCF CI Dashboard -- https://cncf.ci

Now with Arm support for "Build" and "Deploy" stages on the following Graduated projects: 
  - CoreDNS
  - Fluentd
  - Prometheus

You can learn more about this release in the CNCF CI v2.4.0 Release Notes <https://github.com/crosscloudci/crosscloudci/wiki/CNCF-CI-v2.4.0-Release-Notes#whats-new-in-v240>


Thank you,

Lucina Stricko, 
Partner at vulk.coop & Product Manager for CNCF CI Dashboard
Location & Time-zone: Austin, TX - CT
email:  lucina@...

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