Slack Migration to CNCF Slack



In order to be more accessible and part of the broader Cloud Native ecosystem, we'll be moving to the CNCF Slack @ on Monday, Feb. 14 @ 8:30pm UTC. There will be an hour maintenance window where slack will be offline. If you don't already, you'll need to create an account over in the CNCF slack: The current existing buildpacks will be set to read-only with a post in the announcements channel pointing people to the CNCF slack.

The CNCF will migrate all the history from the most common public channels over. DM history will not carry over. The new mappings for channels will be the following:

* announcements -> buildpacks-announcements
* arm -> buildpacks-arch-arm
* buildpacks-authors -> buildpacks-authors-team
* buildpacks-distribution -> buildpacks-distribution
* general -> buildpacks
* implementation -> buildpacks-implementation-team
* implementation -> buildpacks-implementation-ops
* learning -> buildpacks-learning-team
* learning-ops -> buildpacks-learning-ops
* maintainers -> buildpacks-maintainers
* mentoring -> buildpacks-mentoring
* ops -> buildpacks-ci-ops
* pack-cli -> buildpacks-pack-cli
* platform -> buildpacks-platform-team
* registry -> buildpacks-registry
* spec -> buildpacks-spec
* spec-ops -> buildpacks
* tekton -> buildpacks-platform-tekton
* windows -> buildpacks-arch-windows

For more details, you can look at the original RFC:

We hope you will join us in the CNCF Slack.

Buildpacks Leadership Team