A message from the Buildpacks' Owl

Joe Kutner

Hello from the Cloud Native Buildpacks team,

We’d like to share a few updates on the project, and set some expectations for how we’ll be using this mailing list.

The recently discussed an RFC in which we resolve to use the mailing list more often. We’ve heard from the community that Slack is not always the best place to share information and have discussions. As a result, we plan to distribute (at a minimum) the following updates via email as a matter of policy:

• RFCs entering Final Comment Period
• New releases, including (but not limited to) lifecycle and pack
• Changes to governance structure, core team, maintainers, etc

There will be other topics for sure, and anyone can use the mailing list to ask questions, share ideas, or shower us with praise :)

We’ll continue to use Slack and we encourage everyone who can to join the conversation there. But don’t hesitate to reach out to us on the mailing list.

The CNB team

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