[team] New Implementation Maintainer

Joe Kutner

The Buildpacks project would like to congratulate Natalie Arellano on becoming a Maintainer of the Implementation sub-team.

Natalie is a software engineer at VMware living in New Jersey. She’s been contributing to Cloud Native Buildpacks for the past year, working with the Lifecycle and Pack - adding test coverage, making improvements to the release process, and implementing new features such as the “lifecycle image” for untrusted builder workflows.

Natalie cares deeply about writing code that is both performant and readable, and enjoys teaching others about the benefits of buildpacks. Most recently, she and Platform Maintainer David Freilich gave a talk at KubeCon NA about using buildpacks in CI/CD systems. In her free time, Natalie can be found running after her 16-month-old daughter.

For more information on the Implementation team and the project's governance, please see our Community Github Repo.

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