Platform API 0.3

Javier Romero <jromero@...>


New platform API 0.3 will be available after the release of lifecycle 0.7.0.

Platform API 0.3 comes with the following changes:

  1. Added support for project-metadata.toml. (#230)

  2. Added support for /lifecycle/creator. (#243)

  3. Added support for -process-type flag. (#260)

  4. [Breaking] Removal of the -helpers flag. (#259)


In general, platforms should ensure that they support the stated changes to be compliant with Platform API 0.3.


An update to the Tekton task will be available per issue #194.


Added support for Platform API 0.3

pack will be compatible with Platform API 0.3 although it will not yet take advantage of all the new features. (#509)

Dropping support of Platform API 0.1

The platform team aims to always provide support for n-1 of the platform API and buildpack API versions. Given that a new platform API version (0.3) is available, we found it reasonable to drop support for platform API 0.1. (#509)

For more detail on what the changes are between platform API 0.1 and 0.2 please refer to the prior notice.


No impact to builders is expected.


No impact to buildpacks is expected.

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